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Industrial PCs (IPCs) give you trust and peace of mind

Pro-face Industrial Personal Computers are highly durable. They have the environmental toughness required on the production site, and are structured to protect data. Out build-to-order system allows you to select exactly the product you need for your application.

ps5000 series top
 The new Pro-face IPC is now available! PS5000 Series is the highest performance industrial PC, offering flexible connectivity to a range of devices and design.

ps4000 series top
High-speed processing.
The Industrial PC available in BTO. PS4000 Series has high-speed CPU and PCI Express mounted and can be used for high performance equipment. Its large-size heat sink and intelligent fan control reduce load on the components for a long service life. A fan-less model with lower operating noise and heat is also available.

pe4000b series top
Highly compact IPC empowering your applications PE4000B Series is highly compact with about 60% reduction in volume ratio and 38% in weight ratio comparing with PS4000. The PE4000B Series industrial PC's wide connectivity allows data collection from a range of devices.


New Standard, New Value for HMI

GP series has been well-received by a lot of customers since a full graphical touch panel monitor was developed in 1988 for the first time in the world. Our wide variety of hardware products include Standard that is widely used for operation display of a range of control devices such as PLC, Compact, Modular Type, and so on. As a flagship model, SP5000 series, "Smart Portal", is available. SP5000 series offers unprecedented solutions for utilization of increasingly sophisticated information.

sp5000 series top 1
Flagship Model of HMI for extensive use of information How can you fully utilize only the information you need from scattered big data? SP5000 series provides Smart Portal, aWINDOWthat optimally displays information in response to a demand for increasingly sophisticated information utilization as a new solution.

gp4000 series top
Pro-face Standard HMI GP4000 series has high connectivity with a wide range of industrial controllers and provides a variety of lineup in sizes, front colors, coating, and open frame. Pro-face Standard HMI, GP4000 Series flexibly satisfies customers' needs.

gp4000r series top
Design-conscious HMI. Rear-Mount Model with Flat Mounting in the GP4000 Series lineup. GP4000R Series can fit in with any equipment design because its bezel cannot be seen on a control panel. Flat mounting has the benefit of preventing the accumulation of dust and mold, and even allows the display to be used in medical equipment, food manufacturing equipment and other devices used in environments where hygiene is IMPORTANT.

gp4000m series top
Flexible installation choices for easy mounting. GP4000M Series can be easily mounted on a control panel through a φ22 mm circular hole. Its basic specifications include easy-to-see screens with TFT LCD expression in 65,536 colors and high connectivity brought by serial, Ethernet, and USB interfaces.

gp4000h series top
Advanced Handheld Interface
"Get closer to your machine"

gp4100 series top
Compact, but Pro-face DNA is inherited. A compact HMI, GP4100 Series Color Model that has achieved high specifications, utilization of various software and high connectivity has joined the product lineup. Its display area is twice as large and its resolution is eight times as powerful as the monochrome model. Ready for the age of IoT, this compact HMI can collect data using a network and remotely monitor devices with a tablet.

gp4000e series top
Economical HMI ~More value but economical~ If running cost is high even though initial cost is low, as a result, the total cost does not decrease. If you use GP4000E series, you can reduce various costs of the manufacturing.

gc4000 series top
Pro-face Standard HMI GC4000 Series features: 

- 65,536-color Wide-resolution TFT Display 

- Easy Creation of Real-image Screens

- Easy Connection with a Wide Range of Controllers